sports medicine class 4 laser

Outperform Any Knife, Needle, Pill!

Diowave Laser Systems has developed the most advanced laser therapy systems available in today’s laser therapy industry. As the founders of Class IV Laser Therapy and developers of Stealth Micro-Pulse Technology; Diowave’s High Power Laser Therapy (HPLT) systems offer a variety of medical practitioners and industry care providers, such as physical therapist, chiropractors, Pain management specialists, podiatrist, athletic trainers, and massage therapists, a painless, non-surgical, and side-effect free way to treat conditions previously refractive to traditional medical care.

After over two years of clinically testing the following wavelengths (810/915/980/1064) on thousands of patients the 810 nm wavelength is hands down clinically superior to all other wavelength even when combined with other wavelengths. We also found that for pathologies with a VAS score of 7 or greater, 5u pulsing and a frequency of 5 hertz was also superior to continuous wave therapy.” With our AI we offer personalized precision laser medicine for your patient. Laser medicine is not one size fits all.