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The Diowave Difference

As the founder of Class IV Laser Therapy and over 17 years of experience in advancing high-power laser technology, we offer care providers the ability to treat pathologies with results never before seen in Insurance or Government based medicine. Diowave Laser Systems provides innovative technology, design and laser portability and now offers new and revolutionary Stealth Micro-Pulse Technology™. Our Stealth Micro-Pulse Technology™ allows care providers to treat various pathologies by Micro-Pulsing at appropriate power levels without introducing heat. In addition, 100% of the treatment is applied to the pathology and not wasted on the surrounding tissue; this is paramount in treating focal pathologies. Diowave Laser Systems also offers complementary life-time clinical training and support resulting in unparalleled client outcomes; all contributing to making Diowave Laser Systems the world’s leader in high-power laser therapy and medicine. That is the Diowave Difference.


Each Diowave Class IV Laser System is designed by experienced engineers and clinicians to provide years of reliable use. We back this up with a comprehensive three year warranty- the best in the industry.

Training and Support

We offer an unparalleled on-site and telemedicine Clinical Training and Support program. We will support you for the life of your Diowave Laser System. Your success is our success.

Diowave Lasers

Power and Portability – Now in One Model

We now offer a single laser platform: Which is available in 30, 45, or 60 Watts of Power. All models offer a state-of-the-art 70-Watt German Diode. The additional power prevents the laser diodes from being over stressed. Both models include a 3 year warranty on the laser chassis and a 2 year warranty on the hand pieces.

Right-Angle Hand Piece

Right-Angle Hand Piece

Zoom Hand Piece

Zoom Hand Piece


Research on Class IV High-Power Laser Therapy (HPLT)


Laser Therapy in Treating Neuro-Musculoskeletal Disorders

HPPLT can facilitate the healing and regeneration of living tissue. HPPLT has shown to inhibit scar tissue formation, at the same time, stimulating collagen, elastin and fibrocartilage growth. As a result, most tissues heal twice as strong as natural healing due to the lack of non-functional adhesions and scar tissue formation.

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High Power-High Dose-Pulsed Laser Therapy on Stem Cells

High Power-High Dose-Pulsed Laser Therapy on Stem Cells Photobiomodulation and Stem Cell Activation A review of pertinent medical literature shows how laser therapy treatments can safely and effectively activate stem cells. There is no detrimental
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