Diowave High-Power Stealth Micro-Pulse Technology in Veterinary Practices

Navigating the Maze of Veterinary Laser Therapy:

By: Bruce R. Coren, DVM, MS
Founder of Class IV Laser Therapy

Over the past several years, laser therapy has been changing the way veterinarians are practicing pain management and wound healing. Therapy lasers help manage pain and accelerate faster recover from injury, disease and surgery. They do this better than any other modality in both human and veterinary medicine.

Today the emphasis is on higher power lasers that micro-pulse as this effectively allows the laser practitioner to hold the hand piece static and effectively treat acute and painful focal pathologies without putting out any heat. This new technology can dramatically and effectively increaser outcomes along with being much safer for the operator and patient.  On the other hand, these lasers allow one to treat on a continuous basis if required for more chronic pathologies. The severity of pain dictates whether the laser should be micro-pulsed or not. 

Common Small Animal Applications:

Degenerative Joint Disease
Tendon Suspensory and Ligament Disorders
Back and Muscle Soreness
Disc and Neurologic Pathologies
Stifle Hip and Saco-Illiac Disorders
Epiphysitis, Carpitis, Sesamoiditis 
Laminitis and Navicular Disease
Pre and Post-Surgical Hard and Soft Tissue 
Soft Tissue Trauma
Wound Healing: Acute and Chronic
Dental Conditions: Surgical and Non-Surgical
Otitis Externa 
Non-Specific Dermatological Conditions 

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