Greetings from Dr. Bruce R. Coren, DVM, MS, CEO of Technological Medical Advancements (TMA), and past CEO of Avicenna Laser Technology. Believe it or not, every high power laser company that may approaches you with a class iv laser is here because of me. I co-invented the first class-iv laser back in 2002 and we have been advancing the technology on both the human and vet sides of medicine for over 19 years. Our Laser Can be found throughout small and Equine veterinary medicine as well as many of the top Equestrian Centers in Wellington, Florida home to the WEF.

In 2019 Diowave began developing the next generation of Laser therapy aimed at healing medical failures and conditions which did not respond to our previous HPLT (High Power Laser Therapy). Today, Diowave is pleased to reveal the Stealth Micro-Pulsed Laser System ™. This technology has shown great promise in healing conditions which are refractive or non-responsive to all other forms of treatment and surgery, including HPLT. Stealth Micro-Pulsed Laser Therapy ™(SMPLT), is only available thru Diowave. SMPLT allows you to hold a hand piece static over a focal pathology (think Suspensory and Cruciate injuries and other acute and painful focal pathologies) without heating tissue. This allows 100% if the laser energy to reach the target pathology. There are no other lasers in the world that can do what ours do. Everything else is yesterday’s technology.

Getting a 30-60-watt laser will allow you to deliver outcomes for pain management and wound healing in your horses never before seen in current veterinary medicine. To quote one of our Equine clients, “ The laser saves her a small fortune in vet bills”.

As the CEO of TMA we are proud to be the inventor of Class IV – High Power Laser Therapy (HPLT) and the first to receive FDA clearance. At TMA we are always striving to advance our technology and to provide patients with the best possible outcomes. All of our laser platforms have their own research to support our claims as well as having been previously tested in our patient treatment and R&D center. TMA offers the most powerful and advanced laser platforms in the world and with that comes the ability to treat pathologies refractive to traditional modalities, drug therapies and even regenerative medicine such as PRP and Stem Cells. We will train and support you 7 days a week via text, cell phone, FaceTime or Skype.