Laser Therapy in Treating Neuro-Musculoskeletal Disorders

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Laser Therapy in treating Neuro-Musculoskeletal Disorders

High Power-Pulsed Laser Therapy in Treating Neuro-Musculoskeletal Disorders

High Power-Pulsed Laser Therapy (HPPLT) is classified as an actinotherapy meaning it results in a chemical and metabolic change in living tissue – this is called photobiomodulation.

HPPLT can facilitate the healing and regeneration of living tissue. HPPLT has shown to inhibit scar tissue formation, at the same time, stimulating collagen, elastin and fibrocartilage growth. As a result, most tissues heal twice as strong as natural healing due to the lack of non-functional adhesions and scar tissue formation.

HPPLT can also heal disc pathology. The outer 1/3 of the intervertebral disc is vascularized, HPPLT can stimulate neo-capillary growth and fibroblast proliferation causing the disc to become more elastic and resilient. No other therapy or modality can achieve these desired effects.

Additionally, HPPLT activates stem cells, as well as osteoblasts in bone. Fractures heal in half the time with less chance of non-union.

Today, High Power-Pulsed Laser Therapy is considered the best and safest treatment available for nerve pathology. Photo-modulation with HPPLT causes increased intraneural blood flow and accelerated peripheral nerve regeneration – this translates into decreased numbness, tingling, pain and balance disturbances.

How To Integrate Laser Therapy into your Medical Practice

A. Laser as a Stand-alone Modality: As an alternative treatment option to stem cell therapy, laser therapy treatment costs are less expensive to the patient, can be administered by a medical assistant and might even provide better clinical outcomes.

B. Administering Laser Therapy Treatment Post Stem Cell Therapy: Integrating laser therapy treatment with stem cell treatment will enhance tissue regeneration at the onset.

C. Administering Laser Therapy Treatment Post Stem Cell Therapy for Longer Term Maintenance: Laser therapy treatments are an effective long-term maintenance therapy post stem cells therapy. The cost to the patient is minimal compared to having to repeat stem cell injections.


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