High Power-High Dose-Pulsed Laser Therapy on Stem Cells

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High Power-High Dose-Pulsed Laser Therapy on Stem Cells

Photobiomodulation and Stem Cell Activation

A review of pertinent medical literature shows how laser therapy treatments can safely and effectively activate stem cells. There is no detrimental effect whatsoever upon the stem cells. Laser therapy causes stem cell activation at the target site of photonic stimulation. Stem cell proliferation has been shown to occur along with the maintenance of cellular viability.

Laser therapy also enhances stem cell injections by accelerating articular cartilage regeneration, pain reduction and reduction of boney edema just to name a few of the numerous synergies between the two procedures. Laser enhances stem cell outcomes, it never detracts.

Laser therapy adds a cost-effective long-term maintenance program for stem cell patients. It can also act as a stand-alone modality to treat pathologies for those patients that cannot afford stem therapy or for those who did not have a positive outcomes.

How to Integrate Diowave Laser Systems into your Medical Practice

A. Laser as a Stand-alone Modality: As an alternative treatment option to stem cell therapy, laser therapy treatment costs are less expensive to the patient, can be administered by a medical assistant and might even provide better clinical outcomes.

B. Administering Laser Therapy Treatment Post Stem Cell Therapy: Integrating laser therapy treatment with stem cell treatment will enhance tissue regeneration at the onset.

C. Administering Laser Therapy Treatment Post Stem Cell Therapy for Longer Term Maintenance: Laser therapy treatments are an effective long-term maintenance therapy post stem cells therapy. The cost to the patient is minimal compared to having to repeat stem cell injections.


Below is a list of pertinent list of medical literature support the use of laser therapy and stem cell research.

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